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Victoria, Australia

Sighted on Saturday 25. January 2020
Reported on
Shape: undescribable | Duration: unsure

Early at about 1am, I saw some strange things. It happened just outside Melbourne, Australia. After coming back from my walk, I usually look up at the stars and right above me, I saw a bright yellow star flashing on and off while moving but had thought that maybe, it's a scientific phenomena that I don't know about. I have seen many strange things but had justified it to be scientific - maybe for my piece of mind. However, after spotting this strange 'star', I had looked over towards the south west and way up in the sky, I had seen a bright orange star that had turned into bright green and flew around in strange and erratic directions, then changing back into the orange star. It had done so many times, so much so that I stopped looking because I had felt genuinely frightened. The orange star seemed to be like a 'docking station' because it remained still but as it turned bright green, it became very animated and moved in ways that planes cannot move, besides it was too high up. Right before, I had spotted this, the night sky had turned suddenly mysteriously dark. I had felt to scared to film it and when I had went inside, I had kept praying for safety and protection. it wasn't a good feeling.

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