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Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia

Sighted on Friday 04. March 2022
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Shape: Cigar shape | Duration: 2 minutes

Seen as I was driving to Eaglehawk, Victoria at around 8am. What caught my attention was a bright flash in the sky, like a mirror catching the sun. I looked toward the flash and it was above the trees to my left. Initially I thought it was a plane, but then I realised it didn't have wings and wasn't moving just hovering. It was also a cigar shape and black. Just hovering in the same spot above the trees. As I was looking, the object just winked out of existence. I kept driving and kept trying to see if it had reappeared again. When I hit a gap in the trees I saw it was there again only for maybe a couple of seconds, before it vanished again. It's hard to explain. It was like it just faded and then vanished. I had goosebumps all over. I called my partner and told him what I had seen. I wish I hadnt been alone in the car so someone could have taken a video of it. I did try and reason myself out of what I saw. But there is just no explanation for it just vanishing in mid-air.

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