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Muskegon, Michigan (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 21. March 2020
Reported on
Shape: Oval | Duration: 01:00:00

My three daughters and i observed what was at first either ten or eleven, dimly-illuminated circular or disc-like objects silently travelling over our home in a single-file fashion spaced at regular intervals...Appx 1-2k ft agl....Perhaps 100m apart? hard to tell... which i at first assumed must be some govt or military aircraft...... then i noticed two airplanes headed towards the group of objects and it occurred to me upon seeing the navigation lights and strobes on these two that maybe the first group of objects weren't planes or helicopters...The more i looked the more strange it seemed...And then the line of these things broke apart, some went dark and others were still illuminated and they were going in all sorts of directions. still paying attention but not jumping to conclusions, i watched as one of these things made what had to have been a 90 degree turn and moving fast, and i was beginning to wonder....So as im watching fascinated and my kids are getting the creeps and going inside, - i see more and more going all over ....I counted like 25-30 but they were hard to follow going from lit up to dark.....Maybe twenty minutes into this (not sure) two very fast planes come into the area and seemingly try to occupy the same space or catch up? idk what the planes were doing but it looked they were trying to catch these things....Two helicopters flew into the area later, maybe 40 minutes into this? it was wild. quite the airshow.....Kids saw it, and i called my wife to tell her to go outside her work and she saw at least one as well. they were definitely not any kind of aircraft ive known people to pilot, ive flown in or jumped out of. im intrigued by this phenomena and hope others saw it too. i have seen on three other occasions "ufos" and just found this site. its no secret we arent alone, and i have to believe others saw this too....Thanks guys :)

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