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Selsey, England (United Kingdom)

Sighted on Sunday 19. April 2020
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 00:20:00

At 9:34pm sunday 19th april 2020, my sister messaged me saying there is a line of shooting stars, we all go out side to see, from one end of the sky, all the way to the other, a nearly straight line of stars, almost evenly spaced apart, moving at the same speed. accasionally, there was one star, diagonally moving with another star, like an escort, this again was almost perfectly spaced out every 10 or so stars. it just kept going, and going and going, i lost count in the end but it had to be over 30, maybe over 40, it would go in about 7 or 8 stars in a row at a time, that happened a few times, more than 4 for sure. during this, a notification came up on my phone saying i had no signal, and it stayed that way till it ended, even now when writing this at 22:11 19/04/2020 i have only one bar of signal which is unusual. the sky was clear as usual, even more so now that there is no aircraft flying due to the corona virus. all air traffic has been suspended over my area and even if there were any planes, these couldn't have been planes, i know what they look like, these object weren't on any normal flight path and there couldn't have been that many planes flying like that, that slowly and silently at that matter, the objects looked high but low too, they passed infront of every other star, so clearly a lot closer than anything else. this strange and rather unsettling occourance, kept going for aprox, 20 mins. i see shooting stars around here all the time, stars moving across the sky's, planets, sometimes even satelights, these looked like stars but i have never, including my mother has ever seen anything like this before. when my sister texted me, to the time i got out, i had missed some time, because of that, there very well could have been a lot more stars than what i saw. at the end however, a few stars started lacking behind, the gap becoming bigger and bigger, still having their 'escorts' every now and again however. but the gap got bigger and bigger and the stars at the end also got darker and darker, i could still see them but no where near as bright as what the rest had been, until the end when the stars stopped coming from, what was then my right side and continued off in an almost straight, diagnonal line, not changing any brightness or any course that i could see until the last stars, once that finished, after the last star got to my left side, something even more strange happened to my right, five or more stars, all at once, moved in literally every direction of the sky, like shooting stars, now normally, there is an area of sky i can look to and see a shooting star, nearly every night, they normally always happened in the same place but these stars went crazy moving in all different directions, something i have also never seen before and all straight after the last star, then after that, once all the stars were on the horrizon to my left, a star, stationary star, literally blew up in the middle of the sky, it wasn't bright but it was fiery, i've never seen anything like it, it didnt move, it just blew up, this night has been crazy, it got to the point where all that calmed down and i was standing outside in my dressing gown, it wasn't too cold but definatley chilly, a rather mild night i would say, very nice, i was starting to get cold so i decided to go indoors and type this up before i forgot anything, i might have missed some things here but if anyone would like to talk to me about it, i would be willing to chat. it was an amazing experience but also rather strange and a little bit creepy, how almost, perfect it was, slow and steady, they looked like stars, but didn't behave like stars and was most certainly not any commercial or any other plane, they looked like stars, just never seen any stars act like that, they seemed so low to me, but at the same time, small, so i could tell they were still far away, very strange, a solid white colour on each star, almost perfectly spaced apart, the 'escort stars' were also moving, matching the speed almost perfectly, slightly darker more orangy white, the last stars however were a lot more dim and orangy, but it was certainly strange, a friend of mine said something about a "lyrids meteor shower until the 25th" but that doesn't seem like any meteor shower to me but who knows, i may be completely wrong and that's exaclty what it was. i wanted to take a photo but my phone couldn't pick up the stars sadly so i sketched down what the stars looked like when moving. i am willing to go into more detail with someone another time, a voice call or video call i would also be willing to do, just to go into more detail about anything i missed out here, i've tried to put as much detail as i can in here without writing an essay, i can go into a lot more detail if you want me to but hopefully this is enough. very strange night, beutiful, amazing, once in a lifetime thing maybe but also a little bit emotional, creepy and unsettling. would love to know what it was that happened exactly, have fun looking at this though, seems like a very interesting thing to investigate, stay safe in the corona virus and hope whomever is reading this is well! :) (these are very rough sketches btw, if needs be, i can spend the time in trying to draw down a sketch that's more exact to what i actually looked like but i hope that helps you visualise it)


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