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Southampton (Canada), ON

Sighted on Tuesday 14. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Fireball | Duration: 4 minutes

Bright orange lights seen over Lake Huron.The western sky was not completely dark when I saw from my back garden, two steady, very bright orange lights over Lake Huron near the mouth of the Saugeen River at Southampton. At first, I thought they were two aircraft with extremely bright running lights, but they were stationary. Then one began to move away from the other and suddenly disappeared completely. The second light moved slowly to where the first one had disappeared, then it, just as suddenly as the first, disappeared also. There was no sound of engines. I’ve seen many aircraft at night before, and these lights were completely different. The entire episode lasted about four minutes.

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Arthur, Ontario (Canada) 2007-08-18 Disc, Square, Rectagular, Other Undisclosed
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Southampton (Canada), ON 2006-06-20 5-8 sec
Owen Sound (Canada), ON 2006-04-25 Oval 1-2 minutes
Lion's Head (Canada), ON 2005-06-23 Triangle 20min
Collingwood (Canada), ON 2005-05-19 Chevron 1 minute
Kincardine (Canada), ON 2004-10-06 Light 30 seconds
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Owen Sound (Canada), ON 1996-08-11 Light approx 1/2hr
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Owen Sound, Ontario (Canada) 1977-07-17 Other 00:10:00