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Greewood (Canada), NS

Sighted on Thursday 18. October 2012
Reported on
Shape: Flash | Duration: >1hour

Bright yellowish light bounces back and forth in the cool clear night skyThis is the second sighting of the same UF0 in one month! I haven't been a skeptic, nor a believer entirely until now. On both occasions there was only one UFO that I could tell. It moves very rapidly back and forth, up and down, but mainly stays in the same spot. They emanate a bright yellowish light and every few seconds a brighter more white light streams down from underneath of it.The first time I had spotted it about a month ago, I thought for sure that It must have been an hallucination, until I ran into the house to get my father who assured me it was no hallucination, that he could see it too! Both nights that I have observed it, it was clear cool nights with no moon. Both nights it acted the same way, but this time I'm fairly certain that it was being attacked!! Bright reddish flashes would go off from either side of the craft, like a force field was in place. I noticed a few airplane lights sort of circling it. But the UFO in question still stayed in its spot for the most part. And I gave up watching it after an hour or so.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Falmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2019-08-15 Flash 00:00:03
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Berwick, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2017-11-05 Cross 00:00:20
Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2017-10-31 Circle 00:04:00
Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2017-09-25 Star-like 00:04:00
Hubbards, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2017-09-09 Cone 00:16:00
Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2017-08-24 Fireball 00:00:45
Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2017-07-29 round red fireball 1-2 min
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2017-07-19 Other 05:55:00
Rothesay, New Brunswick (Canada) 2017-06-10 N, A 01:00:00
Nova Scotia (Canada) 2017-06-10 Star-like 00:10:00
Saint John (Canada), NB 2017-02-05 Other 7 minutes
Port Greville, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-10-11 Fireball 00:12:00
Port Greville, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-10-11 Bullet, Missile 00:20:00
Diligent River, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-10-11 Cylinder 00:18:00
Port Greville, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-10-10 Cylinder 00:23:00
Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-09-12 Triangle 00:02:00
Diligent River, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-08-06 Disc 00:00:01
Canning, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-04-27 Sphere Undisclosed
Bear River, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-03-26 Flash Undisclosed
Windsor (Canada), NS 2016-01-25 Light Continous
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2015-09-20 Star-like Undisclosed
Greenwood, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2015-08-07 Round White Light 3 mins
Undisclosed, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2015-08-06 Cylinder Undisclosed
Cornwallis, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2015-08-02 Oval Undisclosed
Hammonds Plains, NS (Canada) 2015-07-05 cylinder minute
Newport, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2015-07-04 Disc Undisclosed
Alma, New Brunswick (Canada) 2015-06-06 Star-like Undisclosed
From New Glassgow to Hali, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2015-03-24 Flash 00:00:05
Amirault's Hill, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2015-02-23 Sphere Undisclosed
Saint John (Canada), NB 2014-10-20 Formation 3 mins 17 seconds
Salt Springs, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-09-03 Star-like Undisclosed
Undisclosed, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2014-08-26 Cylinder Undisclosed
Plympton (Canada), NS 2014-08-25 Rectangle 35 minutes
Plympton (Canada), NS 2014-08-25 Rectangle 35 minutes
Rothesay (Canada), NB 2014-07-10 Fireball 2 minutes (approx)
Rothesay (Canada), NB 2014-07-10 Fireball 2 minutes (approx)
Sussex Corner, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-06-23 Sphere 00:30:00
Berwick, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2014-06-01 Oval Undisclosed
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2014-04-16 N, A 00:20:00
Rothesay (Canada), NB 2014-03-05 Fireball 3 seconds
Beaverbank (Canada), NS 2014-02-17 Unknown 30+ seconds
Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-02-09 Sphere Undisclosed
Annapolis Valley (Canada), NS 2014-01-12 Flash 3 minutes
Undisclosed, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2013-11-28 Sphere, Star-like 00:00:00
Nictaux (North of Middleton), Nova Scotia (Canada) 2013-10-10 Orb 2 minute
Westfield (Canada), NS 2013-09-29 Fireball 3 minutes
Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2013-08-20 Sphere Undisclosed
Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2013-08-10 Oval 00:02:00
Molega North (Canada), NS 2013-05-04 Fireball ~1 minute
Greenwood (Canada), NS 2013-04-15 Sphere 30 minutes
Annapolis Basin (Canada), NS 2013-03-01 Light 30 seconds
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2012-10-18 Star-like Undisclosed
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-10-13 Oval Undisclosed
Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-09-20 Disc 00:00:00
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-09-13 Circle, Oval, Sphere, Star-like 00:01:00
Saint John (Canada), NB 2012-09-01 Oval 5 minutes
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-08-24 Sphere 00:03:00
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-08-07 Circle, Sphere Undisclosed
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-08-07 Circle, Sphere Undisclosed
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2012-08-01 Sphere 00:02:00
Sussex, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-07-25 Circle, Fireball 00:00:11
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-07-05 Sphere, Other Undisclosed
Bridgewater (Canada), NS 2012-06-30 Light 10 seconds
Middleton, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2012-06-17 Sphere, Triangle Undisclosed
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-05-18 Boomerang, Oval, Sphere, Other 00:01:29
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-05-03 Boomerang, Oval 00:04:45
Norton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-05-03 Cylinder 00:00:15
Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2012-02-13 Disc 00:05:00
Saint-John (Canada), NB 2012-02-06 Circle 2 minutes
Rothesay (Canada), NB 2011-08-31 Light 90 seconds
Hampton (Canada), NB 2011-04-22 Light 3 min
Wolfville, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2011-03-20 Disc, Egg, Oval Undisclosed
Clementsport (Canada), NS 2011-02-13 Egg 3 seconds
Saint John (Canada), NB 2011-02-04 Light 10 minutes
Undisclosed, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2011-01-22 Sphere Undisclosed
Saint John (Canada), NB 2011-01-01 Circle 3 MIN
Undisclosed, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2010-07-10 Flash, Sphere, Star-like Undisclosed
Saint John (Canada), NB 2010-06-26 Sphere 4 minutes
Rothesay, New Brunswick (Canada) 2010-05-09 Fireball 00:00:25
Wolfville (Canada), NS 2009-11-22 Fireball 10 minutes
Undisclosed, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2009-09-19 Cone Undisclosed
Middle Sackville (Canada), NS 2009-09-08 Light 2 minutes
Middleton (Canada), NS 2009-08-16 Light 3 seconds
Middleton, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2009-08-16 Circle, Oval, Sphere 00:00:03
Windsor (Canada), NS 2009-03-01 Egg 6 Minutes
Wolfville (Canada), NS 2008-08-23 Sphere 15min
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2008-08-19 Sphere Undisclosed
Five Islands (Canada), NS 2008-08-16 Circle about an hour
Berwick(town) (Canada), NS 2008-07-30 Light 15min
Sussex Corner, New Brunswick (Canada) 2008-05-14 Sphere Undisclosed
Undisclosed, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2007-09-24 Cigar, Cylinder Undisclosed
Saint John (Canada), NB 2007-06-17 Fireball 10 mins