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Welshtown (Canada), NS

Sighted on Thursday 14. February 2002
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 32 minutes

Bright reddish light that moved up and down , side to side then disappeared.As I let my cat out early on the mornings of Thursday February 14,2002, I looked across the lake to see a reflection of a very bright light shining on the ice. My first thought was that Mars was very bright this night. As I continued to watch it a bit longer it appeared to move from side to side, then swing like a pendulem. I continued to watch to make sure I wasn't seeing things, as I saw it move again I called my husband down to take a look also. He confirmed the fact that it indeed was moving. As I watched for approximately half an hour until it moved further away as the reflection disappeared on the ice and then it disappeared over the horizon. I saw no shape of an object only a very bright reddish light.

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