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Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada)

Sighted on Saturday 06. October 2012
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Shape: Bullet, Missile, Cigar | Duration: 00:01:10

It is Oct 6th 2012 (thanks giving weekend in canada) my mother and I were on our way to the store to get a few extra groceries. Approximately 15-20 minutes outside of the small town on a low traffic road with about two or three house's off of this road (it is very much a back woods type of road however it is paved, somewhat isolated) after passing these homes and driving some more you begin to be able to see through the trees and what i mean by that is the trees by the road and around the power line have been left however all the trees in behind had once been logged, making it like a huge open space with brush on the ground and low shrubs.We are driving along and we have drove this road a few times so i am familiar with it. I was enjoying the fall colors of the trees and i could clearly see the logged area in the back of the trees i was observing. I looked away, i was looking straight forward for not very long until something caught my eye, it was a light a very subtle flash I thought i don't remember any towers on this road so i looked over thinking it must be new? I looked in the direction of where i saw the lights to my surprise it was a object, it was where this object was that i couldn't make sense of, if the trees next to the road/ behind the powerline are about 30-35 feet tall the object was flying in the logged field behind these trees not above them but in the middle of them, I was quickly trying to make sense of what kind of airplane could do that before i knew it there was a better clearing with less trees so i had a clear view of this object it was huge, grey color no shine very dull, no windows that i could see and one thing was for sure it had no wings! there was from what i could see 2 sets of lights under it, each set had 2 lights (i guess making it 4 lights) and it seemed to have a flashing pattern that was bright, this was day time and the lights seemed obvious which i found strange and the object seemed to be moving sideways it appeared to be going slow, so slow it would of had to be hovering as it was going sideways. Once i realized there is no way thats a plane that i've ever seen could do that, i was calm cause i was trying to process this in my mind i said to my mom "whats that?" and pointed out the window. She is driving however she looked because the tone of my voice just wasn't my usual tone, she saw the object however just as she seen it she had to focus on the road so she asked "oh my gosh what is that?" so I started to just blurt out what i was seeing because i was still looking at it, I am now turning my head and looking as we continue to drive i then lost sight of it. We quickly turned around so we could see it again however there was nothing it was gone it wasn't in the sky it didn't appear to be landed it was gone. I really don't know what we saw? it was definitely a unidentified flying object.

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