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digby, Nova Scotia (Canada)

Sighted on Thursday 27. September 2012
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

my son and I were on the hwy to digby, when we noticed what we first thought was a jet in the sky...but tail (cloud tail?) was very short, and did not remain or difuse. object was not travelling across the sky as a plane would, but desending at a slanted angle rather quickly.it was a very bright reflective object with what appeared to be short tail similar to a jet. it was obviously far away. we thought at first maybe a meteor? or possible space junk?...we both felt it was something hot...as in entering the atmosphere? neither of us have much knowledge in such things...we lost sight of it after aprox 20 mins...(maybe less, just seemed like we watched it that long) as location where we were...treeline ect blocked view. we believe whatever it was , was probally far enough away that it hit or landed in the atlantic off the south western nova scotia area? been checkin the local news ect thinking others would have seen it,,and hoping to find out what it actually was? but have heard nothing in relation...we have no idea what it was, but are positive it was NOT a plane.my son tried to take pic with his phn, but it was too far away, and through windhield...did not come out.

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