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Texarkana, TX

Sighted on Friday 08. November 2002
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Shape: Light | Duration: approx.2 min.

flashing,then solid with bright flaring.I stepped out on my deck to observe the clear night sky,(the first in about two weeks), when looking at cassiopeia, i observed a bight white flash,then after a brief time (2 or three seconds) it appeared again, another longer pause ,and it flashed again.It seemed gone,but, after about 15,20 seconds, it flashed again, then nothing.about 5 minutes later it appeared(in approximately same place)as a solid bright white light, slowly moving to the north. I excitedly ran to get my binoculars and was able to observe it for a few seconds until the light just seem to go out! i stayed out ready to see anything, i looked at the moon through my binoculars, then turned back to look at cassiopeia when there it was again!it was very bright & flared to about three times it's original size,then back smaller and moved again to the north until i couldn't see it.

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