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Buffalo, TX

Sighted on Saturday 15. February 2003
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Shape: Fireball | Duration: 3 sec

Florescent green light drops down from sky and disappearsI was driving to Houston from Dallas on I45. At about 8pm I was approximately 15 miles north of Buffalo, TX. Ahead, at what I would guess to be 2-3 miles south of me, I saw a bright green light appear out of nowhere, at what appeared to be a few hundred feet above the treeline. Immediately it dropped down at a moderate pace behind the trees. Slow enough that I saw it drop for 2-3 seconds before disappearing. Size is difficult to estimate, but it appeared to be about 3x the size of the headlights of the northbound vehicles directly across the median from me. What was most unusual is that the green color was lime green and very florescent. Additionally, when I got to the area where I could see where I believed the light to have disappeared, there was only open field, no houses or roads or signs of people in the area.

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