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Littlefield, TX

Sighted on Sunday 01. December 2002
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Shape: Rectangle | Duration: 15 minutes

Unidentified flying object @ least 300 yards long passes over Littlefield Tx.I can only remember it being on a thursday night. The craft returned 3 weeks in a row, but I only saw it myself clearly the one night. I was working behind a cotton gin here. I was taking a break between loading trucks when I first heard it approaching. It made a humming noise like a huge generator makes. I can't be positive about the shape except that it was a lot longer than it was wide. It had 3 red marker lights in the shape of a funny triangle. It must have been about 300 yards long @ least. It took approximately 15 minutes for it to pass from the point where it first came into sight until it disappeared on the far horizon. I could see the black outline around the 3 marker lights. It was definitely one long object. the marker light were in this approximate shape: O O O The next week my wife was working @ a convenience store when it passed over, the Fast Stop on Hwy 385 here in Lubbock. It was the same object. Another friend a few blocks from there saw the same object a week later. This time it passed over further toward Levelland. We didn't see it for a while after that, but one night my wofe heard the same noise again & went outside & saw it hovering over our area of the city. She said it was huge. A bright light was shining out of the bottom of it & going up & down the next street over from us, 14th Street. it hasn't been back that we're aware of since then. We heard it once since, but we didn't see it @ all. We'd like to know of any other reports you've received about any similar objects in our area in the last 2 years please.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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