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Middletown, OH

Sighted on Saturday 10. January 2009
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 20 Minutes

3-4 triangular "humming" objects at treetop level in Middletown, OhioAt 2am I went to let my dogs out, and saw/heard nothing unusual. I returned to my upstairs bedroom on the front side of our house, and resumed watching television. I had my bedside window opened approximately 6, though my shades covered the gap.At 2:05 exactly, my (almost 15 year old) daughter and her friend were in a nearby bedroom talking. Her bedroom faces the rear of our home. There are no shades or blinds on her windows. The girls remarked that there must be a storm coming, as there were flashes visible in the upper edges of the windows, and appeared to emanate from the clouds/fog over the house. They then realized that the flashes were stationary and occurred in fixed intervals. As the girls looked more closely out the window, they were looking upward. They noticed that a large dark shape was moving over our 2 story home toward our backyard (west to east). The dark shape then dipped downward as it moved over the crest of our home toward our backyard (eastward), and was visible below the cloud/fog level, approximately 30 feet off the ground. As it moved slowly away, it became clear that it was triangular in shape, and had 3 lights along the back, flashing blue, red and green in varying patterns. The object emitted a low, pulsing hum noise that was audible from the girl’s window. There were no loud or airplane/jet noises, or I would have heard them with my window open. I can only surmise that between my tv and my husband’s snoring, I was unable to hear the very low noise.Behind our home is an open field that is used for farming. It is a large, open area with the nearest houses at least 1/3 a mile away (guessing - not an absolute distance). There is an old barn within ~200 feet of our home that sits in the southwest corner of the open field. As the object moved away from our property, it reached the area of the barn and hovered briefly. It then slowly moved away toward the northeast, and suddenly disappeared. It appeared to the girls that the object was approximately the width of 2 houses in size.At 2:08am, near the far east edge of the field, 2 similar objects suddenly "winked on" and moved around one another for a brief period. They appeared to be the same types of objects as the one that moved over our home. Just as suddenly as they appeared, they seemed to "wink off" and disappear.At 2:10am, a new set of flashes were visible over the house, and they were similar in nature to the first set. As the girls watched, a much larger, and louder (humming) object moved over the crest of our home, following the same path that the first one did. This one appeared identical in every way, with the exception that it was so large that as it dipped over our home, the edges were not immediately visible. It had to move beyond the barn for the entire object to be seen. It was easily double or more the size of the first object. As it moved west to east, it slowed over the field, and then slowly seemed to rotate over a fixed area, and remained there for approximately 3-5 minutes. It was possible to see strobing lights on all 3 corners of the object, but the 3 lights in color were only visible on the "back" edge of the object. As the object sat in place, the 2 objects that had been sighted at 2:08 suddenly lit back up and began to move around, as if in response to the larger object close to our home. This continued for the last couple of minutes that the large object hovered. With no warning, all three objects just disappeared. It looked as though the smaller objects streaked away to the left and right of the large one, and that the large object lifted straight up, out of sight.The two girls described their thoughts and feelings as though they were transfixed and unable to really do anything but watch. They debated whether to wake either myself or my husband, but were concerned that they may not be believed, especially after time had passed and no more objects were visible. The one thing that they did notice was police sirens in the vicinity (I did hear those), and they wondered if they were in any way responding to the objects.The open field is sort of unusual in that it is sort of "land-locked." It has very busy roads on 2 sides, and has houses and suburbs on all 4 sides. If you didn’t live next to it, you would not be aware that it is even there. Considering it’s size, that is really unusual.A very short distance from the field, near the south-eastern corner are at least 3 bar/club businesses and a bowling alley, all of which would have closed at 2am. If anyone was leaving them (this was a Friday pm/Saturday am time period) they should have been within eyesight of some or all of the objects. The only variable that I am uncertain of is the cloud cover/fog placement. Even when the objects were above the cloud/fog line, the rhythmic strobing was visible.I have repeatedly asked questions of my daughter in different ways to verify details (and to a lesser extent her friend - she had to leave), and the story has remained consistent. I believe her - and that was before I had a chance to read/learn about all the other sightings near our area. We are very interested in verification of the sightings, and if anyone else saw anything similar. PLEASE get back with us if you learn anything, or we can do more.[Please Note - Though we don’t want it posted publicly, entering our address into Google Maps will show you the field in relation to our home. In the lower left corner of the field is the barn and a dark, teardrop-shaped pond.]

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