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Langdon, IA

Sighted on Sunday 28. December 2008
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 12/28/08

Tringlar lights over LangdonI went to close the livingroom drapes just a few minutes ago and noticed a object in the sky. I went and got the camera in the view finder the oject was darting around but to the naked eye it looked like it was standing still. My camera wouldn't take the picture just darkness. the lights where bright white and close to the house it was triangle in shape.Earlier this summer I was coming home and parked the car. There was a red oblong shaped. It had lights that were retanglar in shape they were red this object was so close to me that I could see the metal inbetween the red lights it was huge like the lenght of a football field. Dead in the air like not moving at all there is no way that something that big could even stay up there and not fall that I know of. Our Farm lights are off so I don't know if that has something to do with it cause it was like they were going to land or doing somekind of obersevation we do have hogs about a mile away. Shortly, after I has this experiance like two days later someone reported Des Moines lite up red all over. I am here to tell you what I saw two days earier and I am sure what I saw could do that easily.I do think this area is a hot spot for this type of activity. I didn't contact you because my husbond didn't want the problems that come with this but I am not hoaxing you nor did I ask to see the things but this is the second time. I can't get the picture I had hoped to get this time because all that came out was dark but my camera doesn't shut it self off either and all the times I tried it would snap the picture than shut itself down.I live 12 miles from Spencer Iowa but our town is Langdon Iowa pop 56 that is why I have to put Langdon. We live on a Farm here. We do hog confinement type work out here it is out in the middle of nowhere so to speak and I wonder if this has anything to do with this activity.

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