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Milford Iowa USA

Sighted on Friday 04. September 2020
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Shape: Multiple | Duration: 3 mins

8pm. A group of us neighbors got together for a cookout. Around 9:30pm, its plenty dark out, and the stary sky is clear. I see this purple spinning disk drifting back and forth between a gap in the trees. I couldn't tell how far away it was at all. I dismissed it as a toy or droan someone in the neighborhood was using, until I saw it change shape, color, and size through the trees. Now it is a larger ball of white light. It slowly drifts back between the gap in the trees. It stops completely. No noise and shrinks down like a tiny faint star. I think to myself..."What is that? Do I say something? No one will believe me!" It very slowly moves back behind the trees again and grows into a larger ball of light. I asked the group, "Is anyone else seeing this light? What is that?" Just then my friend stands up and the light changes back into the purple spinning disk and shoots off. It disappeared into thin air! She said, "I saw a glimpse of it!" I asked her...."What color was it?" She said, "purple." My husband also said he saw a light floating behind the trees, but he thought nothing of it and kept talking. But I saw the whole thing. Definitely odd and unexplainable.

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Wallingford (south of), IA 2004-02-09 Fireball matter of moments
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