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Graettinger, IA

Sighted on Monday 20. April 2009
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Shape: Other | Duration: 5 minutes

Palo Alto County Iowa 5 minute duratingApril 20, 2009 04:55 This person was leaving for work from a south facing house on an acreage over-looking an old nursery, now an overgrown woody area between town and farmland. Since there had been poachers in the woods, upon spotting a large bright light, nothing was thought that unusual at first second but then the light was just above the tree line. It moved silently and very fast from west to east and disappeared behind a foggy area.The fog was not very dense and a large, almost ¾ to an acre, pill box hat shape could be made out. Three large slate blue or grey blue lights that looked more like reflective windows were evenly spaced across the shape. The shape of these windows was ret angularly oval and almost a square but not quite. The person was too shaken up to go back and take a picture with a camera.After going a short distance to work, at 05:02, a similar large bright light hovered on the northwest part of town by an antenna and then moved silently north and disappeared behind building.There was total silence.Earlier in the morning about 01:00, the dogs barked and barked. This person did not investigate as there are deer who wonder up by the dog kennel. The dog kennel faces south were the unidentified objects were sighted.

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