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Southampton (UK/England)

Sighted on Thursday 01. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Oval | Duration: 15 minutes

1.1.09. 00.05hrs and 15.6.09. 22.30hrs Southampton, England. Oval shaped orange glows / craft travelling in sky in slow straight linesWEIRD BRIGHT ORANGE GLOWING OVAL SHAPES JUST AFTER MIDNIGHT ON NEW YEARS EVE, 31.12.08.And no!! I had not been drinking alcohol to see in the New Year!!!!! Just pulling the bedroom curtains to go to bed, looked outside (facing towards South) looking and listening for celebration fireworks for the occasion.Saw to my left (South by South East) 4 very bright orange glows, in a straight line, not line abreast, moving slowly across the sky, but not very high up, about a few hundred feet up, possibly a few miles from my location, as if from the general direction of Portsmouth or the Isle of Wight travelling towards Southampton and the Docks area. The glows were not travelling at high speed but fairly slowly in a straight line, spaced wide apart, so were not fireworks or flares as far as I was concerned.I had never ever seen anything like this on this planet. They had no flashing coloured lights like you would see on aircraft / helicopters.I couldn't believe my eyes, as I could not work out what this was. I did not understand it.I ran outside to get a further look, but when I got to the front of the house, they had gone, .BUT then I saw several more spaced apart to the east coming over the trees at the back of my house, again in slow straight lines generally towards Southampton city area and again, a few hundred feet up in the sky. I could not make out any solid shapes, like metalwork, they were just very bright orange glows.I ran in to get my girlfriend outside to look with me, but when I returned outside, again they had disappeared, BUT then I saw a few more much further away over Southampton, again travelling slowly across the sky in straight lines, not in curved arcs, until they too suddenly disappeared.The sky was clear with a few clouds.The glows travelled quite a distance, maybe a couple of miles before disappearing. If they were fireworks / flares then they were of a type I have never seen and how did they travel such distances in straight lines across the sky instead of up and down. The glows were very large, perhaps the size of a craft but very difficult to work out in terms of distance away and true size.I got annoyed with my girlfriend as she refused to come and look.That experience stuck with me for weeks, as it was so ,;extra terrestrial’ as far as I am concerned from my experiences on this planet so far. There was no noise with them either like you would hear from aircraft / helicopters.SO THAT WAS THE END OF THAT……………………………UNTIL……… At about 22.30 hrs on Monday, 15.6.09. I was driving an ambulance from Southampton to Totton area, along the road towards the Rushington roundabout, having just finished my last job.I saw ahead of me a few hundred feet up, what I initially thought was an odd looking lamppost light, which didn't match the others along the road. They were bright white, but this was bright orange. I then realised that this glow was higher up and further away in the background, as if over Cadnam area.I strained to work it out as I continued driving, then realised that it was moving in my general direction across the sky, slowly in a straight line. I quickly wound the window down to see if there was any aircraft noise but it was moving silently AND it was the same type of shape and glow as what I experienced on 1.1.09. as described above.It was SO WEIRD that I suddenly pulled up on the side of the road. As I did this it slowly passed directly overhead at a height of about a few hundred feet only!!!!!!! I strained to look out through my windscreen at the top as it passed over, but as it did, I DEFINITELY SAW A VERY BROAD AND FLAT SILVER GREY METAL SHAPE OF SOME SORT OF AIRCRAFT WITHIN THE VERY BRIGHT ORANGE GLOW. THIS WAS NOT AN AIRPLANE OR A HELICOPTER AND IT HAD NO FLASHING LIGHTS AND NO ACCOMPANYING NOISE.I jumped out of the ambulance to see if it was still above me but it had passed by and I saw it continue moving slowly in a straight line away from me towards Southampton. Again, I could not believe my eyes. The colour and shape of the glow was the same as at New Year. I could not work out what I was seeing, but it was MOST MOST MOST DEFINITELY A FLYING CRAFT OF SOME SORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jumped back into the ambulance and continued to drive now along the A326 towards Fawley. I looked out and saw the orange glow now a much further distance away and higher up in the sky but it was now moving in a slow straight line as if towards Romsey from Southampton. Then it disappeared. A couple of minutes after this, I saw it again, but this time it was high up again, but moving from the general area of Southampton Docks, south and east as if towards Portsmouth or the Isle of White along the line of Southampton Water. I never saw it again that night.I cannot say whether it was the same craft on the three occasions seen this evening, or whether it was three craft in different locations over the area.This occurrence has stuck with me ever since, BUT THE FANTASTIC THING IS….on the radio the next day (WAVE 105 F.M.) I heard reports that other people had seen these orange glows in the Solent sky that same night before, SO I WAS NOT GOING MAD as there were other witnesses to it!!!! However, the report stated that this was being written off as a meteor shower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought meteors were small white momentary streaks in the sky, like shooting stars up in space!!?? WHAT I SAW WAS ABSOLUTELY NOT A METEOR SHOWER, BUT A REAL LIFE EVENT INVOLVING A MOVING CRAFT OF SOME SORT!!!!!! DID ANYONE ELSE SEE WHAT I SAW???????????????????????????? I know what I saw and witnessed and I believe in U.F.O.s.The human race in my opinion would be very naïve indeed, if we think that we are the only living life forms in the Milky Way, Galaxy, Solar System, Universe etc etc.If such craft as reported as being seen moving at incredible speeds across the sky exist, then that suggests to me that they are also capable of travelling FAR FAR greater distances in speed and space than we have so far achieved from this planet. So I reckon that far superior life forms on other planets we have not yet reached in travel, can reach us already!!!! Reporter is a retired police officer and current ambulance driver. (Southampton, England) 23.6.09.((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

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