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Holland, Michigan (United States)

Sighted on Friday 12. December 2008
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Shape: Circle, Fireball, Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

since the end of august, nearly every night with good visibility there have been very srange fire colored orbs in the south west area of lake michigan off the shores near holland, on the west side of the state.this past week i once again witnessed these strange fireballs dance around the sky. the only waya to explain their movements, would be bouncing around, allmost in a seemingly playful matter, allmost "TAG" like,when i first saw the lights this past august, they hung very low in the air in a triangle patter, with 1 orb at the top and 2 on the bottom.the strange thing other than the extreme movements they are making is their ability to just vanish and reappear in a completly differnet spot. i have also seen fighter jets as well as the stealth aircraft in the exact area moments after the firball orbs appear. the light will appear, and within 15-20 min. several jets head in the exact direction of the strange objects. let me tell you, i have been sober for over two years, so i was in now way intoxicated. once the jets show up, the orbs seem two just dim the light and dissapear once the jets get close. since august i have seen these orbs over a dozen times, with each time becoming stranger and stranger?the firballs hang in place, sometimes going straight up or down, making abrupt stops, and "W" like patterns in the sky, allmost like if you were to take a ping pong ball and bounce it up and down as fast as you could. the lights seem to sway back and forth as well. living on lake michigan for over 20 yrs, i have seen alot of air craft. where i live i am smack in the center of three air ports...holland , grand haven, and grand rapids. and between two coast guard stations, grand haven and holland. i am very used to seeing all sorts of commercial and private planes, as well as coast guard and private helicopters, one of my neighbors is a fighter pilot, and he buzzes our neighborhood everytime hes in the area, so im familiar with jets, and like clockwork every night at 11:00pm the stealth fighter flies over!!!...every night like clockwork. the stealth is very easy to identify, especially at night due to its unique light patterns, as well as a extremely bright landing light that actually illuminates the lake for miles below as it comes closer from the west, eastward tword Kalamazoo air base. the stealth shape is very unique as well perfect triangle. my friend tried telling me they were probably planes, so i called him over to my deck to have a look with some bonoculars. it didnt take him long to realize it was not a plane, it becomes aparent to him because there is a more than one plane in the area where the orbs appeared. so its pretty easy to tell its not planes, especially when there is like 5-12 planes circleing in the area. that was the other thing that has really made this stand out, once the orbs appear, planes start coming from every direction, straight out to the area of the orbs, and then these planes circle out in the lake for hours, up to three or fours to be exact, and its strange because one of the first nights i saw the orbs, within about 15-20 min. a stealth went over my head from the inland south eastern area "KALMAZOO" ,directley out to the area of the orbs, the stealth circled for three hours and then came back in the same path it went out, and as it was coming back in, another jet "not stealth but indeed a jet" came from the exact inland area and went out and circled, it became very obvious to me that there was something of inturest out there because at one point i counted over ten planes circleing the area for hours!!!! this is no joke and i am not lieing to you ppl, if anyone reads this and wants to see for themselves, hop in your car and drive to a park called "Windsnest park", or "KIRK PARK"..in between holland and grand haven around 8-9pm anynight and look to the southwest area over the lake, be patient, but you will def see what im talking about. and these orbs are not boats, or flares. they keep reapearing allmost every clear night, and they are making insane manuvers that would kill a person. they are bouncing around, taking off at very high speeds and then without even stopping, all of a sudden shooting back in the other direction. these firballs are moving real fast to, much faster than the jets that are following them. is this top secrtet government testing? unmaned aircraft?prototypes? what the hell is it? whatever it is, it is weird? bright fast and "jumping" around in the sky, allmost like if you were playing with a laser pointer. i guess jumping, bouncing, and playing are the only good way to describe how their movement. this is very inturesting, and i would love to find out some day whats going on out over my lake. i know that some of these pilots im seeing following the fireballs may have the answere, and honestly i am very supprised that none of them have put a report on mi. mufon, because i know they saw it too!!!! why cant are leaders tell all of us what they know about these strange lights all over our country, as well as the world. to me this seems very important for us a humans, as a species, and a society at whole to know? to know the truth? i am in no way saying i think what i am seeing is from another world, or something lake that. but what i am saying is whatever i am seeing, is moving around in the sky like no flying aircraft i have ever seen in my 25 years on like michigan. and in the way it moves seems like it would kill its ocupants "the amazing speeds to dead stops, and up and down manuvers" just seem like that would flatten me and you from the inside out. somethings not right here? and the first night i saw them, they were just hanging "floating" or hovering in a triangle pattern in the sky, a huge triangle pattern with one orb it the tip of the triangle and one on each bottom corner, the lights were perfect cicles and seemed orangeish and firery, but the very contained, no glare or light outside the orb. i guess sefl contained might be the right was to say it.i also want to remind and stress how these orbs just vanished, like you dimed the light, just there one minute and gone the next.also when they were in the triangle pattern they seemed to be in sync with eachother, also the triangle was massive, from where i was on the beach, i would say the triangle had to be over a mile from top to bottom.\just massive and almost seemed like they were connected somehow, because of the ever so slight movement, the triangle went straight up in the air. so when the triangle appeared you could say the botttom with the two orbs was closest to the surface of the water, and the top orb at the tip of the triangle was sraight up above it, im trying to explain it, its hard thought. basically the triangle orb formation was pointing vertically up at the sky, and moving slowly tword space, straight up and down, and the only time these orbs were moving that slow is when they were in the triangle formation. they only moved slow in formation, or when they were hovering, any other time they were bouncing around like bats out of hell. believe!!!!!! if its all you do just be open to something bigger than me or you! because something was out there, something very strange, and obvouisley very cool and powerful. for all we know it could be our ownn airforce. sorry so long

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