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Kila, Montana (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 13. October 2012
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Shape: Circle | Duration: Undisclosed

October 13th in Kalispell Montana. Friends Ranch - cloudy night 4 am to 5:30am.Woke up just before 4 am. Looked outside from the camper bed I was laying in from the window at my head. I saw lights moving in the sky I moved and saw across the road up on the top of the cliffs across the road from the Ranch. I flipped over and watched the hill top with all the small orbs of light. Some moved quickly in a line most were kind of stationary. There where many hundreds of them. I blinked my eyes and pinched myself to make sure I was not seeing things. I changed positions many times looking out the window. They started moving all overSome of the orbs came down the side of the cliffs and across the yard. There were misty floating images going across the lawn outside the camper I have been staying in. THe misty things almost had a human form. They were lower than the orbs closer to the ground hiding just above it. Some orbs moved quickly like a falling star but sideways. One of them did a circle. I was amazed at how many I saw.Then I noticed a red beam of light rising from the top left cliff (from where I was facing) toward the sky it lasted perhaps 40 seconds and it was gone.I got out of bed and walked outside to make sure I was not seeing stars. No it was a cloudy night. Stood in the yard watching the orbs move all around and the misty floating images move across the yard. THere had to be 35 to 50 of them.Went back in and watched from the window.I watched this for about an hour and a half total and became so VERY tired I had to close my eyes. Woke up in the morning and typed a report.

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