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Ottawa/Gatmea Qiebec, Quebec (Canada)

Sighted on Saturday 04. June 2016
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 00:50:00

I didn't know where to report this to Mufon but given the weird UFOs I have seen in the sky in the same area over Quebec and the odd contrails I see in the same area now to add to that are clouds with so many different looks that I had to report this one at least. I have never seen anything like this ever and hope not to again.No I'm not crazy to report a cloud to Mufon. This wasn't your average 'gee that looks like a Bunny rabbit' kind of cloud or if you squint it looks like something familiar. This was a gigantic, took up 1/4 of the sky in front of me black/grey cloud cover that was in the shape of a perfect army helicopter. I mean this thing had dividers where the windows were, pontoons for landing, two antennas on the top of the copter/cloud plus a tail that looked like a giant fish tail. Yup I sound nuts alright, even to me, but this was just unbelievable. Of course I didn't have my camera which is going to tick me off til the day I die because this thing would make world news. You didn't have to look twice to see what it was formed like. I mean how can a cloud do that? It left nothing out as far as outlining a perfect, well almost, huge helicopter.Since I have seen several UFOs in this area I have reported before I have been watching clouds and a couple of my sightings including a triangle ship was hiding in the clouds in the middle of the day. Others appeared in different form about 7:30pm in the evening ona summers night, clear skies. But one thing looks common, they hide behind the clouds, or try to. I have seen what looks like headlights in darker clouds some nights, they are always equal distance.between a pair and there are several pairs around. They fade away after awhile but look like headlights. I mention all this because obviously clouds and UFOs go hand in hand, especially in this area.I have no idea what to make of this helicopter shaped cloud but something is up and I do believe it relates to UFOs. Coincidental a ginormous helicopter appears made of clouds? Commmmmmeeeeee on.There wasn't anywhere else to report this and of course no reports in media about this. I mean it was stunning.

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