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Seaton, England (United Kingdom)

Sighted on Saturday 29. June 2019
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 00:01:00

Object spotted at around 120 ft asl approx. heading west to east at 23:29 on june 29th, 2019. object was tapered with mid-fuselage mounted wings. no, control surfaces, no, ailerons, no, flaps, no tabs. behind wing assembly fuselage tapered to a point the same as the nose of the aircraft. no, engine air intakes no propellers, no, rotors no, engine sound. bottom of fuselage was a cigar shaped raised section black in colour with a single light source. the light did not project outward and did not illuminate the underside of the aircrafts fuselage nor was any beam of light emitted. no tail assembly no vertical stabiliser or elevators. aircraft was low enough to be illuminated by a touch from the ground. contacted exeter airport radar concerning this no, response. both hms heron and r.A.E farnborough, operate aircraft in this area as well as civilian aircraft from exeter. the spotting of this aircraft raises several questions. 1. is it a uk military project? 2. if it is not a uk project is it the project of an allied nation or enemy nation? if it is neither of these questions, then... we are in serious trouble. i spent 10 years in the raf and have been around aircraft in one form or another for around 40 years. i have never seen an aircraft like this. it was not a glider, conventual civilian aircraft, commercial or private, it was not a micro or ultralight aircraft was not a conventional fast jet. was not a military transport aircraft (c17 or c130 fat albert). it was not a helicopter, civil or military. was not a balloon or blimp. it was not a planet nor star. it was not the moon nor was it a satellite or micro meteor (shooting star) either it was a military experimental aircraft, or it was something else.

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