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Anchorage, AK

Sighted on Saturday 20. October 2012
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Shape: Light | Duration: 20+ minutes

3 bright lights (same hew as the stars) darting around the area of the Big Dipper, 2 seemed to be "attacking" the 1On the night of October 20th 2012 I went with my Fiance to Stuckagain heights in East Anchorage, Ak to watch the meteor shower that was taking place that night. We are both professionals and I am also in college for Astrophysics. We were both completely sober and have no history of mental health issues.We had been there for about a half an hour it was then 11:00 pm and we had seen over 10 meters, a few satellites and of course some planes (the plane that flew the highest was still nowhere near the altitude of what I witnessed).We were both sitting in the truck and it was parked facing the Big Dipper. I was looking at the Big Dipper when I noticed a light (same light intensity and hue as the star) moving rapidly around. It was next to a star that is almost directly under the second from the last star making up the handle of the Big Dipper. It startled me because what I saw first was a light, the same size and brightness as the star, shot out to the right from in front or behind this star, then almost instantly two more (slightly smaller in size) lights came rushing towards the first light and stopping dead underneath it on either side making a triangle formation, this lasted just a second. The first light darted down several inches in the sky (this was at an extremely high altitude) the other two followed even faster circling and darting around it, crossing over it as it kept darting away from them. They seemed to get closer and further away all during this, at one point it was very hard to see the! m.It was about 2 minutes in and we had gotten out of the truck to see better. Right as we stepped out my Fiance finally looked to where I was pointing just in time to see the first, slightly larger light dart straight down at an alarming rate, we lost sight of it for a second then saw it rush (again at a ridiculous speed) straight up again, this time a few inches to the right from where we lost it. It seemed to have lost the other two lights (I’m assuming they’re the same ones) and then, again, out of nowhere, they appeared at either side of it and their interaction started again. They were darting all around the area of the big dipper, faster than anything my Fiance or I have ever seen. The smaller two kept darting away and then would bombard the first light for either side and cross over it, however, it was never the same move twice. It looked eerily like military tactics, however, it seemed to be outside or just inside of the atmosphere.We watched it go on for over 20 minutes, it put both of us so on edge, mainly because, for the first time in both of our lives, we only had one explanation, and that is extraterrestrial crafts. We finally had to stop looking and left shortly after. Neither of us could sleep that night and we aren't the kind of people to be “spooked” easily. What we saw is the kind of image that is seen in sci-fi movies, NOT real life, however, there is no denying the activity we witnessed.Both of us are born and raised in Alaska and spent our entire lives looking up at night. Over the years we have seen many strange air crafts coming from Elmendorf air force base that we live near, and pride ourselves on being able to recognize terrestrial crafts and not jumping to conclusions. My Fiance has spent may years studying air crafts and is able to recognize them on sight, even the lesser known ones.We would never have believed it if we hadn't seen it. There is no possibility that it was some sort of advertising lights, I have never seen anything other than stars and satellites at that altitude, and satellites do NOT move like that, nor to meteors. This was completely erratic and spontaneous movement but seemed very apparent what the craft was trying to do (get away from the other two). I know of only one other person besides my Fiance and I who saw this anomaly and that person has no relation to me and knew nothing of what we saw when she told me, her description is on point to what we saw, and I hope that she chooses to report her sighting as well. We tried to video tape it, however, we only had our phones and neither of them could zoom in close enough to see the lights.

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