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Saint John (Canada), NB

Sighted on Sunday 30. June 2002
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Shape: Light | Duration: 2hrs

it looked like a very fast moving tiny star very high , very high. it did not leave a trail of light it did not land or fade.We observed 6 small lights with a two hour pereiod. the First two lights were travelling in a circular motion and they eventually met each other and kept going in a large circle above our heads. They were extremely high in the air. They were as high as any star. They were visibally higher than any visible satellite. then later another light flwe in a straight line from south to north. Then later on another from north to south. then we saw 2 more a different time one more circling and then the last travelling in a straight line from east to west. This was not the first time we have seen them. We have seen them in summers past while we are sitting out looknig at the stars. I an very curious to find out what these fast moving "stars" are.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Saint Stephen, New Brunswick (Canada) 2017-05-13 Disc 00:05:00
Fredericton (Canada), NB 2017-02-12 Changing 15 minutes
Saint John (Canada), NB 2017-02-05 Other 7 minutes
Estey's Bridge, New Brunswick (Canada) 2016-12-23 N, A 00:20:00
Saint George, New Brunswick (Canada) 2016-10-14 Oval 00:00:10
Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2016-10-11 Saturn-like 03:00:00
Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2016-09-24 Sphere 00:35:00
Saint Stephen, New Brunswick (Canada) 2016-04-29 Cylinder Undisclosed
Fredericton (Canada), NB 2016-04-07 Unknown 30 seconds
Bear River, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-03-26 Flash Undisclosed
Douglas Harbour, New Brunswick (Canada) 2015-12-09 Oval Undisclosed
Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2015-09-27 Cylinder 00:00:10
Fredericton (Canada), NB 2015-09-27 Cylinder 10 seconds
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2015-09-20 Star-like Undisclosed
Oromocto, New Brunswick (Canada) 2015-09-19 Triangle Undisclosed
Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2015-08-14 Cigar Undisclosed
Greenwood, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2015-08-07 Round White Light 3 mins
Cornwallis, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2015-08-02 Oval Undisclosed
Hanwell, New Brunswick (Canada) 2015-07-15 N, A
Fredericton (Canada), NB 2015-07-11 Light 30 seconds
Alma, New Brunswick (Canada) 2015-06-06 Star-like Undisclosed
Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2015-01-21 Circle 02:30:00
Fredericton (Canada), NB 2014-11-26 Unknown 1
Saint John (Canada), NB 2014-10-20 Formation 3 mins 17 seconds
Robbinston, ME 2014-09-26 Triangle 1 hour
Salt Springs, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-09-03 Star-like Undisclosed
Plympton (Canada), NS 2014-08-25 Rectangle 35 minutes
Plympton (Canada), NS 2014-08-25 Rectangle 35 minutes
Mactaquac (New Brunswick)(Canada), NB 2014-07-26 Fireball 30 minutes
Mactaquac (New Brunswick)(Canada), NB 2014-07-26 Fireball 30 minutes
Rothesay (Canada), NB 2014-07-10 Fireball 2 minutes (approx)
Fredericton (Canada), NB 2014-07-10 Circle ?
Rothesay (Canada), NB 2014-07-10 Fireball 2 minutes (approx)
Fredericton (Canada), NB 2014-07-10 Circle ?
Sussex Corner, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-06-23 Sphere 00:30:00
Saint Stephen, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-04-17 Boomerang Undisclosed
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2014-04-16 N, A 00:20:00
Rothesay (Canada), NB 2014-03-05 Fireball 3 seconds
Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-02-09 Sphere Undisclosed
New Maryland (Canada), NB 2014-01-30 Oval 5 minutes
Annapolis Valley (Canada), NS 2014-01-12 Flash 3 minutes
Fredericton (Canada), NB 2013-11-30 Triangle 5 minutes
Fredericton (Canada), NB 2013-11-14 Triangle 1-2 minutes
Oromocto (Canada), NB 2013-11-05 Triangle 10 minutes
Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2013-10-18 Cylinder Undisclosed
Beaverdam (Canada), NB 2013-10-11 Changing all night
Nictaux (North of Middleton), Nova Scotia (Canada) 2013-10-10 Orb 2 minute
Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2013-10-10 Circle Undisclosed
Harvey Station (Canada), NB 2013-10-10 Light 2 minutes
Fredericton (20 min. outside) (Canada), NB 2013-08-30 Fireball 1 minute
Grand Manan Island (Canada), NB 2013-08-10 Fireball 20 minutes
Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2013-08-10 Oval 00:02:00
Cambridge Narrows (Canada), NB 2013-08-01 Disk 20 minutes
Rusagonis (Canada), NB 2013-07-04 Light 2 minutes
Fredericton (Canada) 2013-07-01 Light 2 minutes
Fredericton (Canada), NB 2013-06-21 Fireball 1/2 hour
St. George (Canada), NB 2013-05-26 Other 10 minutes
Greenwood (Canada), NS 2013-04-15 Sphere 30 minutes
Waweig, New Brunswick (Canada) 2013-04-03 Star-like, Unknown 00:39:30
Oak Bay (Canada), NB 2013-03-10 Flash 2 seconds
Oak Bay (Canada), NB 2013-03-10 Flash 2 seconds
Oak Bay (Canada), NB 2013-03-10 Flash 2 seconds
Annapolis Basin (Canada), NS 2013-03-01 Light 30 seconds
Beaverdam (Canada), NB 2013-01-10 Unknown 3 minutes
Beaverdam (Canada), NB 2013-01-09 Oval
Gagetown (Canada), NB 2012-10-18 Oval 5 minutes
Greewood (Canada), NS 2012-10-18 Flash >1hour
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-10-13 Oval Undisclosed
Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-09-20 Disc 00:00:00
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-09-13 Circle, Oval, Sphere, Star-like 00:01:00
Saint John (Canada), NB 2012-09-01 Oval 5 minutes
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-08-24 Sphere 00:03:00
Fredericton (Canada), NB 2012-08-14 Formation 30 seconds
Eastport, ME 2012-08-07 Light 1-2 mins
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-08-07 Circle, Sphere Undisclosed
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-08-07 Circle, Sphere Undisclosed
Sussex, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-07-25 Circle, Fireball 00:00:11
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-07-05 Sphere, Other Undisclosed
Middleton, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2012-06-17 Sphere, Triangle Undisclosed
Rusagonis (Canada), NB 2012-06-16 Fireball 5 follow minutes
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-05-18 Boomerang, Oval, Sphere, Other 00:01:29
St John, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-05-03 Boomerang, Oval 00:04:45
Norton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-05-03 Cylinder 00:00:15
Saint-John (Canada), NB 2012-02-06 Circle 2 minutes
Pembroke, Maine (United States) 2011-09-01 Disc Undisclosed
St. Andrews (Canada), NB 2011-08-31 Teardrop 30 seconds
Rothesay (Canada), NB 2011-08-31 Light 90 seconds
Saint Andrews (Canada), NB 2011-08-29 Light 2-3 minutes