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Lorane, OR

Sighted on Monday 10. June 2002
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 10 minutes

Black triangle with searchlight west of Eugene OregonBlack triangle made of non-reflective material. Flying north across Lorane Valley (southwest of Eugene - several miles west of I-5). White lights on each tip. One bright searchlight in center. The searchlight scanned the earth (across Lorane Valley and the hills and valleys to the west.) Because it took a long time to fly south to north over the valley (most planes fly it in a few minutes), and it was able to send the light over such a distance east to west, my sense was that the craft was at typical plane altitude or higher. However, it was so enormous that it was hard to tell.It seemed like it was in low gear - flying straight and steady. The searchlight was scanning back and forth (I thought it might be a defense operation practice). Yet, it felt creepy. It scanned my yard, and I moved under a tree so as not to be seen! When I went back into the house, I asked my friend how long I had been gone. I was only half joking. The experience was more than simply visual. It was so big, so quiet, and the searchlight was so bright that I felt like something "special" had happened - although not a pleasant special. I am a skeptic about UFOs - maybe because I don't want to think about how scary ETs might be. But, I don't drink, do drugs, and I am a relatively sane, balanced person. I don't usually get scary feelings; I don't imagine things. I certainly am not inclined to watch the skies for UFOs. I pushed the experience to the back of my mind, until I heard about a black triangle book, and that others had seen them. Figured I better get my visual on record as well. Wonder what they are?!!((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))

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