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Albany, Oregon (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 17. May 2020
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:05:00

After i saw the orbs, i wrote down a detailed recounting of every detail of what i saw. i will copy and paste it below. ______________________________________________________ important note: before you read the sighting description, i should also mention that this is the fourth time i've actually seen these lights. this sighting is the first time i have succesfully observed them through a telescope and it is also the closest sighting of them i have ever observed so far. i made a mufon report a few months back encompassing all 3 of my first sightings of these things and the case number is 106489. the case was partially investigated by mufon investigator michelle m peter's and was left open ended. ______________________________________________________ sighting description i saw 2 orange orbs hovering low at probably about half a miles distance away from my location. they were probably hovering above the ground with a distance from the ground that is about the height of a radio tower. the entire time they traversed the sky, they remained at the same altitude and they moved incredibly slowly at a speed that remained constant. they were slow enough that i'm sure any known aircraft would drop out of the sky at their speed. they made no engine sounds of any kind but there was a soft whooshing sound that seemed to accompany the craft as they came closer. there was also a small personal plane flying behind the scene. it went and left before the orbs came close to my house and its sound faded entirely, allowing me to notice the lack of any machinery or engine like sounds being emitted from the orbs, with the exception of the whoosh sound. some pictures were taken as the orbs got closer, capturing a couple different angles of the orbs approach. the orbs retained a distance between eachother of about 50 feet, give or take. i rushed into my house to grab my telescope and was able to observe them for about 5 minutes in total and about 3 minutes through the scope. i focused the lens and found that even though the glowing orb appearance seemed very dense, almost like a shield of light encompassing the objects, a noticeable round shape appeared very faintly underneath although its exact shape wasn't very discernable. as the objects approached almost directly above me and my house, the one on the left started fading in and out and eventually completely blinked out of visibility after the blinking/pulsating effect started quickening pace. i thought that was odd and looked back through my scope at the remaining orb. i focused on it and noticed that it started dulling in appearance. the orange light was dimming somewhat fast and its entire shape seemed to warp as it faded out of visibility entirely. the observation gave me the impression that it cloaked itself from the human visible spectrum in some way. an interesting note about this is that the left light dissapeared about half a minute earlier than the right light. i was mostly only observing the right light through the telescope and was able to observe it as it dissapeared. it seemed to expand its shape into a cloud like form as its glowing light dimmed dramatically in exponentially speeding up timed pulses. after the right orb changed form, i was actually still able to view it through my scope but it retained its cloud like transparent form until i accidentally slipped my telescope slightly and lost sight of it. i looked for it outside the scope and could not see it at all and assumed it either finished cloaking or went over to the other side of the roof of my house in size, the orbs appeared to be somewhere between a large van and a large jet. the objects shape definitely had a roundness of some sort although exactly what shape, couldn't be truly observed whether it be a sphere, circle, or disk. 2 different sizes of telescope lens were also used, being 26mm and 9.7mm as well as my telescope having a 600mm focal length. another thing to note is that my cat was with me the entire time but did not seem to be bothered by or even notice the lights at all. sighted between 12:00 and 12:15 am on may 10th, 2020 coming from the east. ______________________________________________________ as a bonus, i would also like to post some additional information for the first case encompassing my first 3 sightings as requested by michelle peter's for any other investigators who may be reading this: "when it comes to the distance of the objects, they were different in all 3 sightings. in the first sighting which happened at around 7-8pm sometime in february, they were the closest to me and were very high up in the air all around the constellation of orion which was in the south at the time. i would say they were the closest to me in that sighting at probably around 500 feet to a mile in the air and i observed them for about a minute. there was a tree next to me as well as the top of a neighboring house and the top of a local church that i used to help guess the distance. they also appeared ever so slightly larger than in the later sightings but still looked the same otherwise. they also were not in the general direction of the airport in albany and seemed closer than the airport to my location at the time. the second sighting happened about 2 weeks later, also around 7-8pm. i was on my porch looking at the stars and i noticed them again. this time they were in the south east direction and looked a bit farther out at around 2-5 miles away. i observed them for about 3 minutes in awe before rushing in to grab my telescope. after coming out with it, i noticed that they had mysteriously vanished before i could observe them through it. in this sighting, they seemed not only farther away, but much lower to the ground. they looked smaller and were moving moderately slowly which i imagine is because of the further away distance i saw them at. this sighting was in the direction of the airport but seemed further away than the airport which is only about 2 miles from my house where i saw the second sighting. the second sighting occurred 3 days or so after the second one. i had walked to the nearby park to do astronomy and i saw the lights again. being prepared, i observed them for about 4-8 minutes, including through the telescope. this time, instead of being stationary like in the first sighting and moving north east in the second sighting, these orbs were moving slightly south west but mostly south. this sighting also occurred also at around 7-8pm and they appeared further away than in the previous two sightings. they appeared so far away that despite being in the same formation as both other sightings, the two closest of the 3 orbs appeared so close together that they could barely be distinguished apart from eachother without the telescope. upon peering at them through my scope, they still appeared as completely blank orange orbs with no addition detail at all and no underlying shape encompassing all the lights. this time, they appeared very far away, moving slower than in the second sighting and appearing smaller than the first and the second sightings. after several minutes of observation, the lights dissapeared behind a tree. i should also note that in all 3 sightings, aircraft were in the air before, sometimes during, and after the sightings had occurred. albany has a heavily populated airspace with many passenger and cargo planes, helicopters, a variety of different military craft from heavy lift cargo helicopters to even jets. there are also many unique and varied designs of personal planes sighted very often as well. however, these lights looked nothing like any of them, they made no sound, didn't wobble in their movement, no flashing or signalling lights, they made very strict horizontal movements that were consistent with all 3 sightings, and the light they emanated seemed to encompass the entirety of what ever was making it, giving them the appearance of floating orbs. most aircraft were just doing their thing all around the timestamps of all 3 sightings but after the second sighting occurred and subsequently dissapeared, a helicopter with a searchlight appeared to be searching the area for a few minutes before flying away."

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