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Edina, Minnesota (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 21. December 2008
Reported on
Shape: Chevron, Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

My wife and I were driving approx. 25 MPH on a snowy city street in Edina Minnesota just one block north of HWY 494 (east/west)and one block East of hwy 100 (runs North/South). I looked up to my left and in the sky becasue of a VERY shiny reflection of something caught in the rays of the setting sun. I saw a large9 silvery shine almost a ball of shine with some red and my wife saw that is was a pyramid shaped object (not simply a triangle) with a red hued glow on the top and some blueish glow on the bottom and a heavy metallic shine reflecting from the sun. We were on a barely used side street and there were no other cars in either lane. I slowed but did not note speed because I kept my eyaes on theobject and the road but my wife stared only at the object. I am a resercher into these things but she is not and she said, " is that a parachute?...No..is it a balloon of some sort?...no....yikes thats a ...a ." and with sibelief because a believer. Within the second from me looking to the road and then back up the the sky I locked ontot he object again and because the truck slowed I was able to see that the object was moving - floating in a southerly direction. It was at roughly the height of a plane taking off or landing and we are aware that the international airport is only about 8 miles from the sighting....BUT.... After I had locked on the object for the second time and beheld it moving we both were staring at it as it ceased to me. It just stopped being where it was and was gone. We scanned the sky and drove on but were unable to spot it from any angle. About an hour later, after we had stopped to get food and eaten, we got back on the road and were heading north on HWY 100. I spotted a passenger jet rising in the sky - obviously it had just left the airport a few moments earlier. It was clearly visable in the last rays of the setting sun and abou the same height as the object had been(but in a totally different local) We were then able to confirm that the object had to have been closer to cruising altitute than not, and roughlt the same size as the jet we were then seeing. Today December 22 my wife saw the object again. ( I will make a report of this separately but will include it here as well briefly. My wife left work at 4:30, stopped at a grocery store and then called me at about 4:50 to say I can see it...I just say the thing again! She whitnessed it on Hwy 7 far west of the city over countryside just East of the town of St. Bonifacious Minnesota. It was closer to the tree line this time and she could CLEARLy see that it was an elongated pyramid with the tip down. It had a redish glow on the top, a very shiny metalic reflection in the middel and a possible blueish hue or light on the bottom tip. She clearly watched it as it blinked out of existence. She is a serious scientist, a project manager is a high level position with many years of awareness (due to my interest) but nonbelief in this field. Today I have had three almost window rattling loud passes close tot he house by a helicopter but when I look to see the helicopter I can;t see any, this is not an exact assesment since I havn't asked neighbors if they saw it, or if they heard it, I havn't called to check local flight plans of aircraft or medical helicopters but I looked and looked and jsut coun't see anything. All of this has been accompanied by stress and dreams of a scary kind....help I must also say that this is not the first time I have reported something to you. Last year or earlier this year, we lived in another local and i reported a late night sighting of lights in the sky- but as stated in my report then..I could probably justify that those were maybe conventional. This was NOT conventional. I am fascinated by all of this but equally scared to death of it. I DO Not want this and the fact that my wife has seen it scared me more because it has gone from "Joe's little hobby" to "My God maybe this is really real!"This was sighted yesterday- Dec. 21 by wife and I, Sighted today by wife closed and I have had three VERY loud and low helicopter passes over my home with no apparent helicopter in the sky- help.


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