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Hebron, Connecticut (United States)

Sighted on Monday 01. July 2002
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 02:00:00

This is an abduction account, not a UFO sighting. I saw no flying object during the whole duration of the event, and i didnt feel like i was in the air while i had the experience. I was advised to report my experience here after posting on a forum because all I received there were crackpot theories and magical thinking where i was looking for serious feedback and comraderie by people who may have had a similar experience. All the dates and times I wrote are very approximate, I only know it was around 5 am when it ended because I remember the image of my digital clock. For the duration I just put two hours but I have no idea how long it lasted as I dont remember anything but sleeping before. One night in july of 2002 I woke up and my first realization was that there was no blanket on me and my back was cold, like it was on some sort of cold metal (im starting to shake as i write this remembering it). My next realization is that I was not in my bed altogether, or in my room, but a small dull colored room (grey or black, i cant remember) with a few, two or three, figures standing over me. At first I thought I was in a hospital because I had been brought to the hospital for an asthma attack and once for a car crash, but it was different. There were no bright lights (only a dim sort of light like a dentists lights positioned directly over my face about two feet away, obscuring my vision of the figures), no door, and it wasnt a "room" per se. I couldnt see its beginning or end, only the ceiling and the fact that it was grey or another dull color, and my back was so cold. At first I thought the figures were human, and being extremely scared and not knowing where I was, I tried to get up and run (this was my first instinct), but I couldnt move. One of the figures placed a hand in the center of my chest and It was also cold, cold as ice, and slippery in a way, and it was also the same dull grey color of hte room. I also remember that the hand had long, long fingers that reached from the center of my chest where the palm and stretched outwards almost to my back. I was terrified and shaking but I couldnt physically do anything so I tried to look away, I didnt want to see who/whatever was touching me, but I couldnt even turn my head. All I could do was move my eyes. The one with the hand on my chest, he moved forward closer to my face, his face was maybe a foot and a half away (a little closer than the light). I saw then that he was not human, he (i say he, im not sure if it was a male or even if it had a gender) told me not to be afraid (not with words, he somehow put the thought into my head) but i was terrified. I didnt know what these things were or what they wanted me. I thought I was going to die. Just the way they looked terrified me. The one face I saw then, the one that leaned in close and was touching my chest (which was bare by the way, as far as I remember I was naked, when I had went to bed in pajamas) was more oblong than a human face, the same color as the hand, no discernable nose and only a small slit for a mouth which I never saw open (it could even have been fused together), but the eyes were the scariest part. They were like black reflectors, big and almond shaped, and the head was large and circular with no hair. I saw the light reflecting in the corners of both of its eyes, like they were empty, and all I could do was lay there terrified. Another creature then held my right arm (i know it was my right because there is a scar there) and "told" me i would feel a slight numbing sensation, and I did. I could not see what was happening. The next thing I knew, I awoke in my bed, uncovered by blankets (which were neatly folded in a triangular shape over the bottom half of my bed) but with my pajamas back on. I told my mother and father and they told me I had had a nightmare and for a long time I beleived them. It never occured to me to examine myself or look at my arm or anything, I am only 22 now and was only 16 then. Maybe six months after this incident I began to hear voices and my parents noticed a steady decline in my school performance (before this I usually got straight A's but they were slipping to B's and C's) so they brought me to a psychiatrist who after a year or so diagnosed me with schizophrenia. For a few years I didnt beleive anything was wrong with me and didnt accept my illness, but at age 20 or so I finally did and decided that my abduction experience was perhaps the first symptom of my illness. But when I decided this I began to mull over the specifics of the experience and remembered the part where they told me id experience a slight numbing in my arm (which id forgotten up until that point) and promptly examined both my arms, and in the exact spot (as near as i can remember where the spot was) where I felt the numbing there was an inch-long, horizontal scar with a horizontal hard lump underneath it. I have had many of my friends and even my family feel this lump under the scar and agree that there is something hard there. My family thinks its perhaps from some childhood injury where a rock or something got trapped under my arm. My friends dont know what to think since I havnt told any of them anything about my experiences for fear of being made fun of or stigmatized. I did, however, tell numerous doctors about my experience and offered up my scar and lump as proof. All of them said the same thing: All this was being caused by my schizophrenia, I was delusional, and they were not going to operate on an old scar to remove what was probably just a cyst (however one or two doctors remarked that it was too hard to be a cyst and agreed with my family about the childhood injury theory). So I grew afraid to tell anyone about my experiences, having learned that talking about them in the hospital would only result in me being kept there longer and I would never be taken seriously by probably anyone. I confided in my best friend about my experience and he was shocked to see the scar and feel the hardness underneath.Anyway, I resume my normal life, and try to convince myself that it was my illness but it still haunted me and seemed different somehow. Then one night I woke up with the same cold-back sensation, no clothes on, figures standing over me, and again I was terrified. The same hand on the chest, the same "dont be afraid", and the same information that I woud experience numbness on my arm. I screamed (or i tried to scream, i cant remember if a sound came out), and they "said" "relax. its being removed", and although I didnt neccesarily beleive this there was nothing I could do. After the arm thing I was allowed to get up, although I was told to stay where I was standing, and the first thing I did was feel my arm and the hardness was gone. I asked why they put it in me and why they were taking it out now, why couldnt they just have left me alone. I was told that i had to have been given a "history of mental illness". I beleive it is so nobody would beleive my claims if I ever came forward. (Now, before I get into the details, I would like to say that I have no idea if this is the truth or an elaborate lie concocted by the creatures for some reason, perhaps to pacify me). I asked (in different words) if i could know what this was all about, and two of the figures turned towards each other for a minute or so and just seemed to be looking at each other. The first figure turned back towards me and told me "yes, you may, but before I tell you let me assure you that you can tell whomever youd like. Nobody will beleive you" (Now when i say they told me something i dont mean audibly, i mean telepathically somehow. I was the only one communicating audibly). The one figure began what turned into a speech of sorts, which I obviously cant remember word for word, but I will outline the details I remember. It started out with saying that human religion is deeply flawed and "God" is a normal but intelligent man who came from an advanced civilization, somehow escaped when they were in the process of destroying themselves, and that he did not create the universe or earth and nobody, including the figures, knows who did or even whether someone or something created it or it just came into being somehow. "God" merely created enough DNA copies of man so there would be enough variety in the genetic pool so as not to create inbreeding problems, and planted the first "batch" of his creations on earth because it was a suitable planet, to perpetuate his species. It was explained to me that "god" became immortal through cloning and another method able to preserve the conciousness of one clone to the next, and that our existence on earth so far represents a very very small segment of time versus the estimated time the universe has been in existence (Im pretty sure humans already know this). He is not omnipotent nor does he interfere in anything humans do, we have complete free will. However, there is some kind of war going on that i "wouldnt understand" and the life of this man is in jeopardy (i asked why it even matters if he dies or not since he doesnt interfere in our lives at all and I was told that he must continue to live until the universe contracts and time begins again as it expands and the exact same events that took place unfold once again, so that he can perpetuate our species after earth humans' eventual extinction.) and in anticipation of his possible death, many sets of humans were born with 1/3 of this man's DNA code on the end of a dormant string which has no influence on how they would develop, and I was one of these sets of three, and copies had to be made for backup elsewhere at various times in my life. This time I remember being dropped on my bed from what felt like an inch or two above it, and this time the blankets were just on the bed and I was clothed, although my shirt was inside out. The important part is since that day all symptoms of "schizophrenia" have gone away and I have stopped taking the medications which I thought I would be bound to for life. This last experience was in approx. april 2007.I am a rational man, and I am aware that this sounds beyond beleif. Personally I think the whole god/patriarch story was a lie designed to make me feel special or needed and to prime me for future abductions (although nothing has happened since april 2007) but I am still haunted by the memories of these creatures and have a deep gut feeling that they are deceitful and malevolent. I do not know why you ask for my phone number but I put my real phone number, except my work phone because obviously I do not want my coworkers to think im some kind of nutcase. Please do not publish my name though.I have also attached several photos: the scar on my arm is the first one.The second one is a marking which has been on my hand ever since the first experience (i am sure it was not there before then, as you can imagine how many times in a day I see the top of my own hand). The scar is where the lump was but the marking, i have no idea why or how it got there. On the marking photo, the black on the right side of my hand is not part of the marking, it is the start of a tattoo.


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