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Hamlet, North Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 19. October 2016
Reported on
Shape: Square, Rectangular | Duration: 00:01:20

I saw a craft that was my guess 1.2km long, maybe 400m wide, seemed asymmetrical but had a solid round ted light about a third the way from what looked like a huge shuttle cockpit tip. there were two large aircraft that had strobes flying on either side in a v formation. my girlfriend also saw it right after i did in a place twenty miles away from here. i'll ask her to file her own report. it flew pretty low, not like right above the tree line but like enough i could make it the engines on the planes following. i do live near ft bragg and am less than fifteen miles from the camp mccoll training ground, we see paratroopers jump from time to time. but in the past two weeks i saw a couple of those unmarked black helicopters flying very low near my house. oh that reminds me, this huge thing nor the planes showed up in photos i took, and i don't think they showed up in what my gf took miles away moments later. it's weird bc i had a sighting a few months back. my first, and it was the same day i was going thru deleting pictures and came to one from that night that showed a red light, upon playing w the filters the red light appeared to be a huge rectangular structure but headed towards it was the craft id seen. showing three white lights in a triangle w a red one in the center. i didn't report it bc i watched the video i took and saw nothing, deleted it. hating that now bc thru sum filters who knows what it may have shown. i didn't even realize if snapped a picture in the process of going to video that night. and the day i come across picture, which shows in sum filters to actually be a disc shape and triangle lighting pattern, but that's the night i c a flying aircraft carrier, idk what was. b if i can attach a picture i'll send one of what i first saw and make a report on it when i can better figure out the date, but the other night, even though i could c em fairly well, nothing shows up on my camera. i see strange lights zipping around in the sky here over half the nights i look for any length of time, but those two were extraordinary, add the black helicopters and ima bit worried about what's happening around here. oh and i also saw them return the same way they cane less than forty min later

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