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Cheraw, South Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Friday 14. October 2016
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 00:40:00

me and a friend were outside, he just got home not long from work around 8:45pm we sat down and just opened up some beer. talking about the day, clear night. my friend always notices the planes. we have a small airport here in town. around 9, 9:10pm a large rectangular shape with a weird illuminous white color to it slowly broke over the trees over our heads escorted by two dark colored triangular obejects, one on each side, very slowly as if drifting went over our heads at about 7, 10,000 feet? they were up there but not as high as a passenger plane though. the rectangular object was whitish in color, almost a glowing hint to it. it had two white lights on the back in each corner and a blinging red light in the center. the triangle shapes had orange/redish lights in each corner and on the right on, there were two extra lights on one side as did the seond triangular object but not lit in the same pattern? lights were more orange actually in color.No lights in the center, only along the edges and in each corner (of the triangle objects). the rectangular shape was enormous in size and i couldn't believe that something that big moving that slow did not crash into the earth. it flew in the direction when i look at a map, it was going n, nw to the left of rockingham nc. as it got further away from us my friend said "no one is going to believe what we are seeing". the one ship, if it could hold humans would have held thousands upon thousands of people, it was big. my friend said maybe it was the antares rocket being delivered? i never seen any known flying object ever to be that huge myself or in video except hollywood movies. but yes, as the rectangular shape started fading in the distance my friend notice no planes and than said there is one. a third triangular object joined the two (the third object came to join the other two from the east towards the west as if from laurenburgh nc) and than all 3 triangular objects came back the same direction but a lot lower in height right over our heads flying even slower. my friend even postulated it was a blimp? you could 20 or more hindenburgs inside what we saw, it was, huge! i do not know anyone who makes blimps that big? or trinagular objects with lights and illuminous colored paint like that?

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