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Marston, North Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Monday 17. October 2016
Reported on
Shape: Square, Rectangular | Duration: 00:02:00

As i got off the phone with my bf who had just told me he'd seen something in the sky, i noticed the dogs in my neighborhood started barking like crazy. it wasn't like regular dogs just barking at each other, it was like every single dog was barking at something at the same time. i look towards the closest dogs to me and then i see lights flashing in sequence over the horizon. it looked like one large ufo about the size of ten football fields wide. i took out my phone and began taking pictures and recording video. as it got closer i realized it was 3 different craft. the 1 in the middle was enormous, no way could it be of any known, conventional technology. the light pattern, was also different from the other two which looked like normal large airplanes with the regular flashing strobes, and consisted of both white lights and a red light. the red light pulsated and white lights were static. it had two white lights in rear and white light coming from the front. i watched it for about two minutes til it went outa site to the ne. i called my bf to tell him and realized we had seen the same thing, a county over. he said he saw it return later

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