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Innisfil, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Monday 11. May 2020
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 00:20:00

I went out for a smoke. as an avid space enthusiast, i love to look up at the night sky. i live in a subdivision that has very little lighting and is outside of barrie, steps away from lake simcoe. i went outside and as i was looking up, after a couple minutes for my eyes to adjust, i saw what i thought was a satellite. it was going north for a 3 seconds, then dimmed significantly. when it was almost out of sight from being dim, it brightened up a lot and sharply changed direction going west north west a little bit for 10 seconds, dimming as it moved, then pulsing like morse code, like it's trying to communicate. it again changed direction going west south west and then disappeared over my house. i moved to the middle of the yard to try and see if i could see it, but then it looked like it has either turned around or a new one was coming from the direction where the previous one disappeared behind the house (west to east this time). it was going towards the same direction where the first one had initially changed course. as it was approaching this point, i noticed there was one more going towards the same direction, but from the south. they crossed at the same axis point where the first one changed direction. the one going north disappeared very soon after it crossed paths with the one going east. the one that was going east, a second after the other one was going north disappeared, abruptly changed direction and started going south. at this point i started noticing there were several of them in the sky, cruising around at different brightness, dancing around, going in different directions. some changing direction, others going their course. i called my dad to come see as he's witnessed things with my brother in the late 90's and ufo's interest him. as i was waiting for him to come out, one that flew above me was wobbling left and right, which was different from what i saw from others. as i was waiting for him to put a jacket on, in the south east direction, i saw lights like i had seen before a month earlier. it was a reddish orange light with pulsing and strobing. it looked like the triangle ufo i had seen. it was slowly going north above the lake. i turned around to reopen the back sliding door for my dad. i turned around and where i saw the red ufo, two planes or helicopters were circling it. you can tell the colour difference from the red and white lights that the planes/helicopters had. they were too far for me to be able to make out the exact shape of what they were, but the reddish orange lights were moving much slower than the other aircrafts. they were probably about 500m above the ground. the orbs were up in the atmosphere. once my dad came out, i told him they're all over the place. i wasn't sure if my dad would be able to see them as he's much older and his eyesight isn't the best. he covered one eye and pointed at one in the sky and i confirmed it for him. the one he pointed at was going toward that same direction the first ones were. it kept getting brighter and then just disappeared once it got to that spot. something was unusual for sure in that one place. in the distance, in the trees behind the pond at the back of our house, you could hear a metallic bang. my dad asked me what that was. i said, i dunno, probably the neighbours. very soon after, you could hear two distinct clicking sounds from maybe 50m away. as my dad is also hard of hearing, i don't think he heard the clicking, but we both heard the bang. my dad was still looking up, while at this point i was looking in the direction of the clicking. he started to get cold, so he went inside. i had one more smoke. once he went in, i didn't hear any more clicking, but it did sound like something was stepping around. i looked up to see if i could see any more of those orbs. i saw one dim one again going to that one point in the sky. after i finished my smoke, i just went inside. i spoke with my parents about it and we talked about how it couldn't be satellites as they wouldn't be showing that sort of light show or changing direction like that. i brought up a ufo sighting i saw about a month ago and my parents

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