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Englewood, Florida (United States)

Sighted on Friday 17. January 2003
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Shape: Square, Rectagular | Duration: 00:00:25

After this event , Later that night , I wrote down the date and time. I can not find the paper , So I will have to guess on the date,month and year. I have been an amateur astronomer for over 20 years. I spend almost every cold clear night out in my backyard observatory. living in Florida you have to take advantage of every good astronomy night. I think the year was 2003 , I believe the month was January. It was during a multi day cold spell. Cold as in a hard freeze warning for plants,water pipes etc. maybe I can use that to help nail down the date. The event took place exactly like this in detail.It was about 11;00 pm, I went out the porch door into the back yard and walked to my dome observatory. It was extremely cold out. I was dressed in real winter clothing, Stocking hat,mittens,Not my ussual outfit living in florida. It was a very clear night , I am pretty sure the moon was not visible at all. It was so cold that the dome had a light icy frost all over it. I realized that I got too late a start for a night of observing and taking astrophotos. I would have to use heaters on the telescope and fight dew onset on the optics. I knew that if I set up , It would be a losing battle. I decided to just get my binoculars and maybee spend ten minutes taking a nice look.It was too clear and crisp not to at least spend some with this great sky. I went in the house and got my binoculars , Then went back out . I stood just outside the porch door on the cement entrance way. I was just looking around the sky without the binoculars , Trying to decide on what to look at .I'm guessing it was about 11;15 or so. I was facing East. North is to my left. Suddenly I see an enormous motion in the sky , I see this out of the corner of my eyes , It is moving from north to south through my east facing view. I turn my head a very small amount and have a direct clear view of something that does not make sense to me. I see a gigantic black void moving across the sky.I could say it was as black as black can be , But it actually looked like an opening , a void , Like a section of the sky had been cut out. It was a clear rectangle shape. No lights , No sounds. It was so big that I was frozen with absolute amazement. It was moving fast , I so wanted to look at it with my binoculars , I had them right in my hands, I knew this thing was going to be out of my view real quick. I knew that if I put the binoculars up to my eyes that I would most likely lose the object . I feel accurate in saying that the object went into and out of my field of view in ten seconds. Just after I watched it disappear from view , Two military jets came roaring across the sky following the same path as the rectangle. I watched in awe and wonder . I feel accurate in saying that the jets crossed my horizon view from left to right in about 15 seconds. I had a thousand questions , I felt many feelings. I stayed there begging to see more , I would quickly run in the house and call my uncle and tell him what just happened. Then I would run back outside and wait. Then I ran in and called my parents. Then ran back out. There were no other events that night. I wrote the time and date somewhere ? On a calendar or a book ? Now I will try to describe size , speed , hight etc.. The rectangle was as large as the constilation Orion the hunter. It took up about that much of the sky . Describing the data path of the two jets will be easier than describing the position of the rectangle. I would say that the two jets were about 1 to 3 miles away at most from my location. I would say they were flying much lower than regular everyday small single engine aeroplanes that you see often. The jets were sharp pointy long skinny , Just like a f-16 or f-15 ? I could see them very clearly . From my view, One jet was ahead of the other by about one and a half jet lengths. And off to one side . The jets were very loud and moving fast. If the rectangle stayed at the same speed as when I watched it go by , I would say that the jets would catch up to it within a minute. But the way the rectangle moved ..Was so different. It moved as if it was gliding on a rail or tracks. This is hard to describe , It moved across the sky in such a perfect straight line. Not at all like an object being propelled. Not at all like a projectile. Definately not needing or using anything to do with air and aerodynamics. Watching the jets chase after the rectangle made me feel like I was watching children try to chase a airliner with paper airplanes. I wondered how long have they been chasing it. I felt kind of a good feeling knowing that the people in the jets and whoever sent up the jets also must have seen this. I wondered if this was something we made , And are the jets working with it. By that I mean..We absolutely could not make a machine like it..It was too incredible , So I can only wonder if it was a projection of some sort . That might be something we can make. I have wondered if one can project a pitch black rectangle on a dark sky? Project it from space or from the ground? Or from a plane. I can only describe the one dimension of the rectangle , I saw no depth or side view, No thickness , No view of volume. The way it moved so perfectly makes me think that a projection from some kind of projector would explain the perfect straight line path. It also though made me think that it was like a window being opened. It was more like a void in the sky than a hard object. I try as hard as I can to remember if I could see any stars behind it as it passed by . It went across my entire left to right view of my horizon up 40 degrees , At that time of night it would have to pass in front of about 9 visible stars in my eastern sky. I would like to get hypnotized and try to recall every detail possible. This was that incredible. Over the years since , I have gone online to see if anyone else reported anything like this. All I ever read was sightings of black triangles etc.. If I was very wealthy I would spend the time and money trying to find and interview people who also saw it, And research it as far as I could. I could go on but I think that is just about it. I apologize for any bad spelling and grammar . Thank You for reading this. I would really like to hear back of similar events. ps. I have a friend who is a pilot with his own plane , And someday he is going to fly it on the same path while we are on the phone , I will be standing exactly whare I was standing and when he is in the correct height and distance I will tell him and he will note the altitude and distance to me. We can also see how long it takes to cross my horizon view from L to R at a known speed and then extrapolate up.etc

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