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Portland, Oregon (United States)

Sighted on Monday 02. February 2009
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Sphere, Star-like | Duration: 00:01:45

Hi, I am submitting this report on behalf of my wife. On 02/02/2009 approximately 10:00 PM PDT approximately 10 miles south of Portland Oregon my wife saw a small, red satellite size object moving southwest at what she described as to fast for a plane and too low to be a satellite. The object was then joined by a second object fitting the same description coming from the same direction as the first as if in an effort to catch the first one she saw. The second object then joined the first object and they both formed one large red object and then vanished from sight. My wife and myself are regular sky watcher's and take many trips outside the house every night to view the stars when the sky is clear. I/We know what stars are where at any given time and have a little knowledge of the movement of the stars and the position they hold in the sky at different times of the year. On this same night, 02/02/09 around 10:30 PM PDT as i viewed the sky i looked to the southwest and said to myself "Well Who Are You ?" i was looking at what i thought was a star out of place and figured being winter in the northwest it was a star i had yet to see, i was wrong . After my wife informed me of what she saw i put two and two together and realized i had seen something that was not a star. It was not red or moving, more of a light blue and quite large. The object was east of Orion from my location (Beaverton Oregon) at the same level as the three stars that make-up Orion's belt. I began to search the Internet this afternoon 02/03/09 to see if anyone else had seen the object/objects and BINGO ! What follows is the original posting that i found..... Craigslitst, Portland Oregon,... "UFO SIGHTING NO JOKE (GLADSTONE)"......"I FILMED A UFO FROM MY BACK YARD IN GLADSTONE THE OTHER NIGHT AND IT FREAKED ME OUT, IM A BELEIVER,I EVEN FILMED MY DOGS UNUSALL BEHAVIOR. EVERYONE I HAVE SHOWED IS FREAKED OUT BY IT AND SAYS I SHOULD TRY TO SALE IT TO NATIONAL INQUIRERER OR SOMETHING. IT CHANGES SHAPE AND CHANGES COLORS. ITS ABOUT 5 OR MORE MINS LONG. I THINK IM JUST GOING TO TURN INTO FOX 12 OR CHANNEL 8 NEWS BUT IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS ON WHAT I SHOULD DO WITH IT, LET ME KNOW. MY EMAIL". You can find the original post (above) at "Craigslist", Portland Oregon, "Rants And Raves".Date: 2009-02-03, 3:04PM PST. I would like to share with you why my wife and myself watch the sky. Six years ago my wife and myself were camping at Clear Lake just south of Mt. Hood Oregon. It was around 2:00 PM PDT when i noticed an object that looked like the inside of an abalone shell that was stationary in the sky but pulsating as fluid moves, kind of like the outside of a soap bubble when the light is shinning just right on it. I turned my head away from the object to get my wife's attention, (i was around 25 yards from the shore, in the lake fishing) to show her the object, (my wife is laying on a blanket on the shore).Then, when i turned my head back in the direction of the object and pointed it out to her it came right down on top of me, within 100 feet or so as if to say Hi or I/We see you also. I had the feeling it/they/them? knew i had spotted it/they/them? It was as if It/they/them? were making an effort to remove all question from my mind as to what i had seen or was seeing ?, or to acknowledge our meeting ? for some strange reason this is what i felt. I was as if it/they/them? had me "In The Sights" per say. A strange kind of focus feeling came over me, it was as if the object and myself were on/in/at someplace else. It was about half the size of a school bus, and like i said, "fluid abalone" in nature. I have no idea how long it was above me, it was as if time stood still. The next thing i remember is everyone around the lake, more than 50 people erupting in a roar/cheer like you would hear at a football game after a touchdown. I had the feeling that no one around the lake really knew what we had just seen, as if a state of shock overcame everyone, nothing more than a animated "Man did you see that" and a few people looking at me with a big smile and a very tight hug and a WOW ! WOW ! WOW ! from my wife. I could sense a feeling of peace among the people/campers around the lake, as if we had all just been given something very special. I would like to add that a taste of some kind lingered in my mouth for a couple of days, as if the fillings in my teeth had been oxidized . I can still imagine/taste the taste when i talk about the experience. Tom

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