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Salem, OR

Sighted on Wednesday 22. January 2003
Reported on
Shape: Cylinder | Duration: 1 1/2 min.

"A U-F-O HAS BEEN SPOTTED OVER THE SKIES OF SALEM."The initial report of this sighting came KPTV NEWS Fox 12, via a call to this investigator, I in turn contacted KPTV Reporter Shauna Parsons for the full story that they ran, below is the NEWS COPY of the transcript, followed by the on phone interview with one of the witnesses; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// "A U-F-O HAS BEEN SPOTTED OVER THE SKIES OF SALEM." TAKE V/O----------- ****Name Omitted***** GRABBED HIS CAMERA AND TOOK THESE PICTURES OF AN UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT HE SAW LAST NIGHT.TAKE SOT------------ SAW U.F.O (i was sitting in my house, and i happened to look up into the west sky and i saw something real bright. at first i thought it was just a jet with a contrail, but i started looking at it, and came out side and looked at it. and it was just really strange cause the trail was right on the plane, and just real bright -- it was brighter than anything i ever seen before.") CONTINUE V/O------ IF YOU LOOK AT THESE PICTURES OF ORDINARY JET PLANES -- YOU CAN SEE THE LONG TRAIL THEY LEAVE.***NAME OMITTED****THINKS HIS U-F-O IS PROBABLY NOT AN ALIEN CRAFT -- BUT IT'S NOT ANY ORDINARY PLANE EITHER.HE SAYS HE ASKED A FEW OF HIS FRIENDS IN THE ARMY RESERVE IF THEY KNEW WHAT KIND OF PLANE IT COULD BE -- AND THEY WERE JUST AS PUZZLED AS HE WAS. (End of NEWS COPY) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// On 25 Jan. 2003, I spoke with the witness via land line to get more details on the sighting that occured in Salem, Or. Here is a brief out take of the conversation; Sighting Time; abt. 5:05pm Duration; 1 to 1 1/2 min.Direction; West Object path; Travelling from north to south 20 degrees off horizon. ONE object.Altitude; Approx; 20,000 to 30,000 feet estimated Weather; Partly cloudy, temp 48 degrees.Distance; Approx. 2 miles Witnesses; 2//sighted from N. Portland Rd and Haysville Rd. Salem, or.(((Object Video Taped for abt 45 sec.)))) Witness description of the object was cylintrical shape, round and long, brightly lit colors of orange/yellow. Object emitted a flame out the rear of the craft unlike any normal commercial a/c would do, to the extent of 6-7 times the length of the object itself. Again witness described the object as rounded cylinder tube shape, dark grey, which was noticed through his Canon Video cam, which had a zoom of 800X power. Witness also claims that object was moving across the horizon faster than a normal commercial a/c would fly, going from the North to the South abt 20 degrees off the horizon at a very high rate of speed.Witness called several law enforcement agencies, and some news stations, KPTV Fox News aired the tape abt 6 am on the 23rd of Jan. 2003, they still have the original tape, which will be returned to witness soon. I have asked the witness for a copy of the video which will be availible soon. Witness also stated showing the video tape of this strange object to local Military Reserve troops, and their claims were that they could not identify what kind or if the object was any a/c they could identify, and they were as curious as to what it was as the witness.This investigator will follow up on this case and look at the video tape for further details as to what it may have been, thus far, it is unidentified...Ron Wright,Director, TRIAD RESEARCH Colo. Sprgs, Co. [email protected]((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to Ron Wright, long-time UFO investigator in Oregon, for submitting this report, and we welcome him back to the Pacific Northwest from his most recent home in Colorado. We will withold judgment on this case, until the tape has been reviewed by the investigator. However, we observe that a major norht-south air traffic corridor is located just west of Salem, and the time of the sighting is correct for the setting Sun to be reflected off a contrail behind a commercial or military jet. If anyone has information about this case, we would encourage them to contact Ron Wright at the address above. PD))

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